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September 22nd, 2015

Try PRJKT MVMNT for free on Fridays

Earn your happy hour with PRJKT MVMNT's free Friday classes.

Your fitness attention span is shorter than a two-year-old's, leading to a closet full of mats, gloves, rackets and cancelled gym memberships.

Join a cardio club without the down payment with brand new PRJKT MVMNT. In conjunction with SA Running Company, the functional program doesn't require a contract to attend and keeps you on your toes with varied workouts and exercises in multiple locations around the city. Start your day off right with a 60-minute workout at 6 a.m. - the pros behind the concept provide equipment and water, letting your still-sleepy self focus on putting the sports bra on the right way.

Good things come to those who weight.

Attend for FREE on Fridays at 6 a.m. - just follow PRJKT MVMNT's Instagram for each week's new location. Wanna join? Paid classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 a.m. in Southtown.

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