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June 6th, 2014

Smart Barre's Stay Fit Challenge!

Smart Barre jump starts bikini season with the Stay Fit Summer Challenge.

Pool parties. Trips to the lake. Floating the river. There's no use hiding from it. Swimsuit season is upon us.

Enter Smart Barre. Getting your bod into classes on the regular pretty much promises to tone, strengthen and lengthen your limbs through the magic combo of ballet, pilates, yoga and weight training. But now, you can get a little more bang for your buck: Smart Barre just introduced the Stay Fit Summer Challenge, which will take place through August 29. The goal is to take over 30 classes during that time period, and at the end of the summer you'll be rewarded for your efforts - exponentially and aesthetically.

You just might be the first one to take off that cover-up.

Here's your motivation! If you take between 30 and 39 classes this summer, you get $30 Barre Bucks. 40-49 classes = $40 Barre Bucks, 50-59 classes = $50 Barre Bucks, and 60+ classes = 1 month of free barre!

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