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August 21st, 2015

Get Your Free Class at SAT Revolution


SAT Revolution
700 E. Sonterra Blvd.
Suite 305
San Antonio

The threat of being in a bikini is fading faster than your natural summer highlights, and taking with it your will to workout. We met up with the owners of sleek new studio SAT Revolution for encouragement to keep your motivation to tone on point. They gave us their expert take on the top 5 reasons you should be spinning...

(Want a free class? Enter promo code SATidbits in the “Redeem Free Class" box at the bottom of the studio's "Buy Credits" page.)

1. You’re the boss. It's your workout for your fitness level, so it’s completely up to you how fast and how hard you decide to work during your session.

2. You can justify that frappuccino. On average, spinners shed up to 500 calories per class. That means more guilt-free eating throughout the day!

3. It’s a therapy session. Regular spinners swear by the zen-like mood the workout brings. Work out aggression while the dimmed lights and revved up music help you zone out and achieve some “me” time.

4. It's a jam session. All Rev classes are set to a solid beat that instructors craft before each class.

5. Beat the heat while you feel the burn. Escape 100+ temps but still make it count by breaking a sweat inside the SAT Revolution studio. One session will jumpstart a calorie burn like no other that will keep working long after class is over.­

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