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August 27th, 2014

Get Your Kids Organized

Part scotch tape, part bulletin board, Dartstrip reinvents how you display your stuff.

By the end of the summer, your kids were down to mismatched flip flops and had become total pros at "borrowing" goggles from the pool's lost and found.

Keep all the details together this fall with Dartstrip: a handy system that can display your most important tangibles all in one place. The tuna-can sized roll holds an eight-foot strip of painted steel that's not only lined with removable adhesive on the back, but is also cleverly perforated at one inch intervals so you can snap off as much or as little length as you need. The included powerful magnets are great for displaying family pics, party invites, soccer schedules, pint-sized paintings or anything else you can think of. Plus the entire thing is easily removable. 

Because turning your kids into robbers isn't the best kind of stick up.

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