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October 9th, 2009

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Garden Girl will teach you how to garden.... in your apartment.

At your "dinner parties" (all wine, no dine), there's a max capacity of two people on your tiny balcony. And that's reserved for your friend who still hasn't quit smoking.

Fresh air? Not quite. Sweeping lawns and plush verandas may be a dream for now, but that doesn't mean you can't have green space. Enter Garden Girl, a bubbly New York native who was determined to grow fresh veggies and herbs while living in a cramped apartment with zero outdoor access. She's since become a YouTube sensation, posting easy-to-follow videos on urban sustainable living. She's got all sorts of kits, like a packet of seeds that will grow into ingredients for a gourmet tomato sauce.

Show your friends what a grown-up you are. There will be food this time, and it grew on your very own windowsill.

Garden Girl products are sold exclusively online at local Olive Barn, and are available in-store.

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