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November 1st, 2019

10 Days Unlimited Classes

Connect to your mind and body at The Breathing Room, now open in Rice Military.


The Breathing Room
200 Westcott St.

Lately you've been growing more impatient with life's little quirks. Case in point - the mini temper tantrum you threw when your laptop was stuck buffering for 60 seconds during Modern Love

Regain your chill and get grounded at The Breathing Room (see discount below). The brand new, modern studio offers Pilates and yoga along with a concentration on overall wellness. Owner Alicia Gordy has created an environment that highlights mindful, breath-based movements to facilitate change in the body and mind. Allow the exterior floral mural to instigate an instant mood lift before the resident pros guide you through unique sessions like awakening flow mixed equipment Pilates, conscious breath yoga, Earth Restorative and Tea, and Gentle Earth yoga. Tidbits deal: 10 days of unlimited mat Pilates and yoga classes for $100. Or, 10 days of unlimited equipment classes for $150. 
It's the exact exhale you've been stifling. 

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