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August 30th, 2014

Whole Foods Groceries Delivered In An Hour

Instacart provides grocery delivery to your front door.

Cooking would be super easy if you had a personal shopper, a sous chef and a maid to clean up afterwards.

Consider Instacart your helping hand. Uber popular in cities like New York, Austin, San Fran and Boston, the same day grocery delivery service launched in Houston yesterday to provide front door drop-offs in an hour from Whole Foods and H-E-B via a network of personal shoppers. (Next up? Costco - they'll shop there even if you don't have a membership). Make your list for anything from chianti to wasabi and place your order on your phone or online - you can be as specific as "organic mangos - very ripe and ready to peel." Think of it as the ideal way to lighten your to-do list during a busy week or when you know walking the temptation aisles at the market will throw you straight off your diet plan. 

Because we all need a little help from thyme to time. 
Want $10 of free groceries? Use promo code HOUTIDBITS. (Plus, first delivery is free for new customers.) 

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