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November 20th, 2012

The Dog Days Aren't Over

Accessorize your best accessory.

Your save list: last season's boots, happy hour for dinner and secondhand jewelry. Your splurge list: real-meat doggy biscuits, the best vet in town and a dog carrier that costs more than your purse.

You may don the best of the discount rack, but you'd never dream of it for your precious pup. Lassie will love brand new local luxury dog accessory line Legitimutt. Created by animal lover Neal Hamil, an internationally touted modeling agent and the creative director behind Fashion Houston, the concept turns the dog run into a runway with Italian leather, suede leashes, classic plaid coats and other doggie gifts. Take 20% off with promo code TIDBITS20 through December 10th.

Dress your four-legged child in the best and save the pleather for your next pair of pants.  

Dog lovers will love the holiday windows at Neiman's, dressed up by local pet photographer Kim Hartz. Check our her chic pet portraits in the windows on Black Friday at 8 a.m. at the unveiling - pets are up for adoption too.

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